Asking for help is a sign of strength.

If you are looking for guidance in the areas of personal development, important relationships, or sexual/gender identity and more, I would be happy to help you get to a place of thriving in your life. Therapy is a great option when self care, meditation, and self help have not sufficed to achieve the long-lasting changes you desperately want.

I am experienced in working with adolescents and adults across the lifespan, and offer a non-judgemental, collaborative, and creative approach. Using talk therapy, and when helpful, somatic (body-based) therapy, I will assist you in working through various life difficulties and recurrent problems in order to create a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

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I look forward to helping you achieve a significant shift in your well being.

The Benefits of Therapy

Psychotherapy is an effective tool to provide you with the necessary support and understanding to overcome the challenges you face. By seeking therapy, you are taking responsibility and action to change what no longer serves you. Psychotherapy is also helpful for treating and managing mental illness and emotional disturbance.

As an experienced psychologist, it is my honor to assist you in exploring your core issues and move towards a healthy, and more fulfilling life. Using a variety of approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Existential/Humanistic Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Somatic Experiencing (SE), I will work with you to create a treatment plan that is customized to meet your unique circumstances and personality.

With honesty and compassion I will help you face your challenges and become a better version of yourself. The goal of our therapy sessions may be short term (facing a phobia, making an important decision, or coming out/transitioning) or longer term (rewiring maladaptive patterning or healing from traumatic events). Additionally, we might practice self-compassion and  mindfulness to ease the challenge of facing the obstacles of fear/anxiety, and embarrassment/shame.  Therapy helps you to move more easily through difficult times in the future, as wells as to become a more productive and fulfilled person. Deciding to begin therapy is a long-term investment in yourself.